We are Dividend Marketing.

A full service agency with the capability to deliver

Our business model is built upon customer satisfaction and their return on investment. We believe there is no single solution suitable for all clients and that our tailored approach is what sets us apart. Rather than deliver cookie cutter services which lack a core understanding of our client, we perform true due diligence. We learn about you, your company, your history. We learn your goals, your expectations, your vision and we deliver. An old fashioned approach to a modern marketing solution.

Who we are.

Dividend marketing is a full service marketing agency capable of delivering the clients your business needs. We have all the tools necessary to build and grow your company's consumer base. We specialize in high quality, responsive websites, built for keyword rankings and user engagement as well as social media management that defines and clarifies our clients' voice, and white hat, organic SEO. But this is not all we do. In addition, we can diagnose your current online marketing strategies, repair problematic websites and coding, compliment current marketing efforts, write engaging articles which develop content driven traffic, produce compelling videos that capture potential consumers and so much more. Our service offerings are not limited to those found on our website. In a nutshell, we create solutions.


Your vision will be crafted with elegance and attention to detail. Our work is aesthetically superior.


Our services are developed to maximize revenue, function optimally and produce quantifiable results.


We create a content driven environment for user interaction. All techniques are white hat, organic and effective.


Our strategies create a sustainable growth model. Our marketing is targeted to gain your business new clientele and maximize ROI.

How we work.

1 Our team is comprised of the finest in their fields. We sought out experienced professionals. We focused of finding the best and the brightest. Our company's greatest asset is the team we have assembled. Finding such an elite group with diversified talents was not easy nor cheap.

2 In order to compile such a staff, a thorough vetting process was necessary. While we could never allow a client's brand to be the subject of such testing, we choose to employ capital towards practice projects. For example, in order to find the best possible copy writers we would hire ten different contractors for identical subject matter. From those ten articles received (and paid for,) we began to narrow down the most talented writers. Our standards were high and in this particular example, only three were deemed suitable for a second round of examination. From that second round we kept two.

3 While this process demanded considerable capital outflow for each of the positions, it was an investment in our infrastructure and has yielded tremendous rewards. Dividend Marketing now retains unmatched talent as a company asset and can offer clients the highest quality services in the online sector.