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At Dividend Marketing, we take pride in our work. We offer bespoke web design; online real estate that is built to engage the audience. Websites that increase revenue, that provide a ROI. We make art.


We are not the cheapest, but there is no better investment a company can make than a well-built, responsive website. This is an essential component to success in today’s online world. There is no one size fits all solution here. Our websites are built for you, for your company and for its future. We want to build your brand, tell your story and grow your business. Every project we take on is unique and tailored to each client’s vision. We make websites that are built to rank, built to be recognized by search engines and built correctly, the first time.


The marketing plan of a modern business venture must include their online real estate. It is the hub where every aspect of your business plan will eventually lead to. The rapid evolution of technology has provided a myriad of tools to improve traffic towards websites (such as Social Media) and the proper management of these resources is a must for modern businesses. Dividend Marketing provides excellent Web Design and Development services.



With an in-house team of experienced designers, Dividend Marketing focuses on creating functional, mobile friendly visually appealing interfaces. Every aspect of the development of our websites are customized to suit the clients’ needs and our design team will work with them in every step of the process, in order to materialize their marketing needs through specialized design. Collaboration with our clients is a vital key to creating a successful website design.

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Dividend Marketing realizes the significance of a well executed SEO campaign. All of our websites designed are developed by utilizing on page optimization. This refers to the comprehensive factors that function in either improving or hindering a websites’ visibility through organic search results. These factors are largely determined by the proper design of the webpage and include: The HTML code, Meta tags or keyword placement, as well as density. Our marketing strategy is to improve search engine visibility by using proper SEO, a much more cost effective and efficient marketing philosophy than relying solely on expensive paid advertisement campaigns.



In recent years, the need for proper and responsive mobile development has emerged as a crucial key towards a viable, revenue-generating marketing plan. Mobile devices are becoming more powerful each year, magnifying the immense importance of developing websites that deliver enhanced mobile performance and SEO. Major search engines such as Google, prefer using responsive designs in order to yield optimal search results. Responsive design is determined by the ease of access of a website from every mobile device without hindrances. This is achieved through utlizing specific guidelines that are tested by a specialized platform called “Google Mobile Friendly Test”. Better mobile content and SEO optimization is especially important as mobile devices are getting more and more market share and used in comparison to PCs. All of Dividend Marketing websites produced have been thoroughly tested and pass the mobile- friendly test and are SEO ready upon completion.